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Just over a month after Lemmy’s passing and on the weekend where we would have celebrated 40 years of Motörhead at the Hammersmith Odeon, here are some new links since the last digest.

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Some new links since the last digest:



An MHB’s tribute

MHB 3530 here. As you can tell, I’ve not been a devotee for long enough, but I have amassed many good memories and a deep appreciation for Lemmy, the man, the legend, a true original. As the great saying now goes, he was born to loose, lived to win and (was) killed by death.

I too jumped in very quick after going beyond “No Sleep ’til Hammersmith”. I guess what did it for me was listening to “The World is Yours” at full blast on the bus back from High Voltage in 2011. The festival featured all kinds of bands, but when it came time to pick an album for the way back to the hotel, everyone agreed on Motörhead.

Since then, I’ve got every release on CD and many on vinyl, DVDs, shirts and more. More importantly, however, getting to meet the band and being able to watch them from stage right twice has given me stories of my own, stories of appreciation and deep respect.

What many non-MHBs may not know is that not only are the road crew part of the family in terms of treatment and respect, they are also all men of just as much integrity as Lemmy himself was. For his fellow musicians, this stands to reason, but when you find it in the crew it’s nothing short of astonishing.

I may add to this and tell my Motörhead stories some other time, but trust me, I speak from personal experience. Lemmy made sure his fans were taken good care of. We all mattered to Lemmy. I will tell the stories some day, but I’ll let those sit for a bit.

Lemmy never changed, he made others change. I do not care to know what the alternate realities without Lemmy are like, he’s that indispensable.

Have a drink, crank it up and think how you can honour his memory!

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Official RIP Lemmy t-shirt now available

“We have honestly been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for
Lemmy from everyone everywhere. Sadly, we have also been upset
to see bootleggers wasting no time getting in on the act and
exploiting the situation. We have subsequently realised that you
want to commemorate him by getting something, so we are going
to do our best to supply that officially. Here is a shirt to start with,
we hope you like it, and we will endeavour to offer more in the
future, and please let us know what you would like to see.”

You can buy the t-shirt from the official Motörhead merchandise stores (US, ROW).

Petition to name new chemical element after Lemmy

Support Lemmy tribute, help make ‘Lemmium’ the new chemical name for Heavy Metal in the Periodic Table

John Wright from York has created the above petition. Now I know Lemmy played rock’n’roll, but think what would have been had he not caused the creation of metal. No Lemmy, no big four and many more!


Welcome to lemmy.memorial, a fan driven memorial site to the late legend Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, best known as the frontman of British rock ‘n’ roll band Motörhead.

As news of his untimely passing spread, many tributes, eulogies and obituaries were published. This site’s aim is to collect these as well as whatever material serves to remember this legend.